Re-imagining a supply chain to capture lost value.

When you do business in remote areas of Asia the existing supply chain likely has weak or even missing links. Through our survey work on the islands, we discovered 40 to 60 percent of the local catch value is lost from landing the fish to the moment it arrives at the processor. But when you have an American executive with nearly 40 years of experience supplying fish to the US marketplace on the ground in Indonesia and managing local operations, then fixing that supply chain becomes the priority.

That’s the story of North Atlantic Inc. (NAI) subsidiary, PT Bali Seafood International (BSI). Working with their network since arriving in Indonesia in 2006 — as well as a global pioneer in funding entrepreneurship-based approaches to development — Principal and Founder, Jerry Knecht, is indeed making it happen.

Our re-imagined supply chain is taking shape — link by link.
The process of building a re-imagined supply chain for artisanal fishermen in remote Indonesia is underway. The vision, which dis-incentivizes wasteful practices and eliminates predatory middlemen, is clear. If you’re a visual person, you can view the PT Bali Seafood International (BSI) supply chain info-graphic here. But in short, this is the plan for the supply chain of our commercially sponsored small boat initiative, link by link:

  • Community-Managed Fishery in Sumbawa, Indonesia
  • Night by night, indigenous, artisanal fishers use hand lines to catch tuna, snapper and other species
  • Landing site enumeration systems support transparent traceability from boat to plate
  • Bali Seafood (BSI) uses Pay For Grade system, ensuring fair compensation for fishers as they return from overnight excursions
  • Bali Seafood buyers electronically record weight, species, grade, location and landing price paid through mobile payments
  • Refrigerated trucks transport fish to newly-built processing plants, employing hundreds, in nearby villages
  • Fish processed, packaged and frozen to BRC standards
  • Frozen, packaged product delivered to container ports of Surabaya and Jakarta
  • Product shipped to US in refrigerated containers to the most sophisticated food retailers in North America