Enduring sustainability.
It’s about empowering fisher communities.

Indonesia’s eastern archipelago is part of Southeast Asia’s Coral Triangle, the world’s most bio-diverse marine ecosystem. It is a gem to be preserved. Together, North Atlantic Inc. (NAI) and PT Bali Seafood International (BSI) are part of a network of organizations invested in the health of the region. Our commercially sponsored fishery management model is changing the conversation of how sustainability can be achieved, producing the enduring results the region not only seeks, but desperately needs.

We’ve re-imagined sustainability with an emphasis on empowering the fisher communities. That means community-managed fisheries where locals have the real-time incentive to protect their resource and the education to do so. It means transparent traceability that makes the task of comprehensive data collection easy for large boat fishers and virtually passive task for small boat fishers. It means actually incentivizing fishers to use catch methods that minimize the landing of immature fish, which supports stock regeneration and reduces over-fishing of the valuable resource. And it means incorporating these strategies into community based fisheries management plans.

We believe this incentive-driven model is the best bet for the long-term sustainability of the region’s fisheries. And we invite you to help us prove the model that it is possible to do well by doing good.