Passive Transparent Traceability: Important part to successful fishery management.

Collecting reliable and actionable traceability data is fundamental to successful fishery management. Most sustainability efforts to date have relied on fishers keeping logbooks and trying to collect data at the dock. While the intention is good, such methods have proven to be unreliable. There is little incentive for fishers to keep accurate data.

Making traceability passive and powerful.
That’s why, as part of our overall fisheries management approach, PT Bali Seafood International (BSI), a subsidiary of North Atlantic Inc. (NAI) is working with several technology solutions for passive tracking.

For large boats, 30 gross tons and above, we are working with the Indonesian VMS tracking system and helping implement an e-log catch documentation system that reliably transfer data between the boat, processor and other stakeholders. The e-log system is compatible with existing satellite vessel monitoring systems.